ENERGY POST Production – is a famous name in video production in the Ukrainian market. We specialize in creating visual effects for TV and Music Videos. From graphic ideas to technology of its realization. We create complex special effects, stylish 3D graphics, post production for commercials of all complexities. Our company has significant experience in making studios (both real and virtual), creating TV graphics. We are able to provide the best quality of work because of our experience and art education. Our company have enough experience to create complex design for studio:
— 3D graphics of all complexities
— Studio sketches with cameras positioning
— Storyboards
— TV decorations
We make Business Video: Corporate Video, Educational Films, Advertising Films, etc. Diversity of the corporate vide allows to show brightly and efficiently company activity, find more useful contacts and clients, claim yourself as a prosper company. The Energy Postproduction Team has a reputation of working with well known companies such 1+1, Inter, ICTV, СТБ, New, the First National, Savik Shuster Studio. Nescafe, Corona, Epicenter, MTS, Lvivske, Amsterdam and many others are our projects.